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The NEW Land Pride FM25 Series Flail Mowers are built for use in vineyards, orchards, and recreation areas. The Land Pride FM25 is available in four widths from 48" to 84" to fit a wide variety of user applications. The 80 HP gearbox rating means it will fit a wide variety of tractors.

Sturdy and compact, the Land Pride FM25 has an electronically balanced rotor mounted on spherical roller bearings. The rotor is driven by a three section power band belt. The spring-loaded, self-indicating belt-tensioning system makes it easy to tension belts for longer life.

Three different blade options make quick work of grass, grapevine shoots, saplings, and tree prunings. Cutting height is variable from 0" to 6". Cutting capacity is 1" with Duckfoot Knives, 1.5" with Heavy-duty Y Knives, or 2" with Hammer Knives. The rear access door and quick-change D-ring system simplifies blade changes.

Land Pride’s FM25 features dual hitches for offsetting when needed. The Cat. 1 hitch on the FM25 48" and 60" models offer center and 8" right offset positions. The Cat 1 & 2 hitch on the 72" and 84" models offer center and 10" right offset.

  • 48", 60", 72", & 84" Cutting widths: Wide selection of cutting widths to meet specific applications.
  • 30-80 hp tractor: Fits a large array of tractors to meet the needs of consumers, municipalities, and landscapers.
  • Spring-loaded, self-indicating, belt-tensioning system (FM2560-FM2584): Available on 60", 72", and 84" models. Belt tensioner system brings the belt to proper tension by turning a jam nut. Makes maintaining proper belt tension easy, and increases belt life.
  • 0"-6" Cutting height Variable cutting height allows operators to scalp the ground, or leave a 1" to 6" cut.
  • 1", 1 1/2", & 2" Blade cutting capacity: Ducksfoot blade can cut up to 1" small brush. Heavy-duty Y blade can cut up to 1 1/2" brush. Hammer blade can cut up to 2" small saplings.
  • Sealed heavy-duty tapered roller rotor bearings: Sealed for protection from dust and debris. Withstand shock loads and deflection from heavy use.
  • Reverse rotor rotation Brings the cut material up and over which allows it to be dispersed more evenly. Allows material to be shredded completely.
  • High knife tip speed: Knife tip speed 12,046 fpm provides a clean cut, creates a vacuum effect when using hammer or ducksfoot blades, and slices through saplings with great force when using heavy-duty Y blades.
  • Full width rear access door: Allows for easy access to blades and rotor for replacing blades and cleaning out debris.
  • Quick-change D-ring blade system: Replace ducksfoot blades without any tools.
  • 3- “5V” Section Powerband Belt Powerband belt distributes load evenly, which prevents the belts from jumping off the drive when a shock load occurs.
  • Hitch offset: 8" for FM2548-60, 10" for FM2572-84
  • The two position hitch allows the mower to be offset to the right for a closer cut alongside buildings, fences, and roadsides.
  • Three blade options: ducksfoot, hammer, heavy-duty Y: Three blade options to meet specific applications.
  • Accessible rotor: Rotor can be removed by unbolting cover plates and bearings.
  • Grease zerks on end caps of driveline cross journals: Intermediate and main driveline cross journals are easier to grease.
  • Standard removable roller scraper mounted with only two bolts: Keeps roller clean for consistent cutting height in wet conditions.
  • Two bolt mounting makes it easy to remove to allow heavy dry cuttings flow freely over the roller.
  • Front safety chains: Protects operator and bystanders from debris.
  • Replaceable skid shoes: Prevents wear on end panels from ground contact.
  • Model: FM2584
  • Weight: 1236 lbs.
  • Working Width: 84"
  • Overall Width: 96"
  • Drive Cover Height: 33"
  • Rotor RPM: 2,450
  • Hitch: Cat. 1 & 2
  • Gearbox Rating: 80 HP
  • Driveline: Cat. 4
  • Offset Hitch: Center, 10" Right
  • Blade Tip Speed: 12,046 fpm
  • Knives Attachment: D-Ring for Light Blades, C-Clamp for Heavy Blades
  • Duckfoot Blades (Qty): 32
  • Heavy Y Blades (Qty): 48
  • Hammer Blades (Qty): 24
  • Rotor Bearings: Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Brush Rakes (optional): 11
  • Rotor Diameter: 5" with Reinforcing Bars
  • Rotor Rotation: Reverse
  • Cutting Height: 0"-6"
  • Cutting Capacity: Duckfoot Knives: 1"; Heavy-duty Y Knives: 1.5"; Hammer Knives: 2"
  • Rear Roller Diameter: 5.56"
  • Hood/Deck Thickness: 10 Ga.



Working Width
84 in.
96 in.
1236 lb.
Recommended HP
80 hp

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