2018 Land Pride AFM4211

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Land Pride



  • Counter blade rotation on left hand deck: Spreads grass clippings more evenly. Wing decks throw grass away from the rear deck. Rear deck doesn’t get covered up nor does it get bogged down by cut grass.
  • 7’-8” transport width at lowest cutting height: Meets most city/county codes for transport width.
  • 6” Deck overlap: Eliminates skipping when going into a tight turn.
  • 11’-1” Cutting width – three 48” decks: Sized right for golf courses, cities, schools. Small decks give excellent flexibility.
  • Sleek frame design, including single beam hitch and compact deck overlap: Design allows operator to make tighter turns without leaving windrows and skips. AFM virtually becomes a zero turn mower. (Oversized tires may not allow this.)
  • Automatic transport wing locks: When wings are raised in the full transport position, the wings lock in place. No need to get off the tractor to lock. Pull rope from tractor seat to un-lock.
  • 18” Transport tires with tapered roller bearings: Transport tires offer smooth roading and less grass compaction. Allows grass to stand up. Tapered roller bearings offer longevity.
  • Removable transportation tire spindles: Allows a spindle to be replaced by simply removing two bolts.
  • Back wheels on side decks even with transportation tires: Allows tighter turns without skips.
  • Rigid rear side deck tires: Rigid wheel yokes holds hills and slopes better. Safer unit than the competition.
  • 13” Deck tires with sealant: 13” Tires offer great flotation, less lbs. per square inch. Sealant minimizes flats.
  • 1/4” Gauge wheel arms: Gives the mower gauge wheel arms a great deal of “hidden” strength.
  • Low pivot points on deck: The lower the pivot points are to the ground, the more side to side swing, allowing for excellent flotation from each deck.
  • Deflectors built into mower decks: Safety features meet ANSI standards. Many competitors use chains for protection. Once chains are removed the unit does not meet ANSI specifications.
  • Rear discharge: Even dispersal, discharged items are aimed downward. No rear chains are needed, which tend to clump damp grass.
  • Rounded front deck edges with no protruding skid shoe: Helps protect trees and other obstacles.
  • 5/16” Front edge & all-welded seams: Provides extra durability.
  • Cat. 3 Constant velocity main driveline: Constant velocity main driveline allows for tighter turns without harming U-joints in driveline, includes slip clutch.
  • Slip-clutch protection: Guards against premature gearbox failure. Protects mower deck spindles.
  • Cat. 2 wing drivelines: Reduces start-up torque that is put on the driveline, gearbox and gearbox support.
  • ABS guards: No paint to scratch off, lighter weight, no rattling or rust.
  • Heavy gearbox mounts on center and side mower decks: Handles start-up torque better.
  • Easy to grease blade spindles: No guards to remove for routine greasing of blade spindles.
  • Middle spindle sits towards the back of the mower deck: Uses less horsepower and allows material to escape the mower deck easier. The discharge of material is more even. Design eliminates windrowing.
  • Spring loaded idlers: Applies constant tension to belt to run efficiently.
  • Easy belt tension release: Easily release belt tension for changing belt or for winter storage.
  • High blade tip speed: Lifts grass up for a clean cut and efficient discharge of material. Tip speed rates are as high or higher than the competition.
  • Low Lift Blades: Highly recommended in sandy soils where lifting isn’t crucial. Disturbs the soil very little, allowing blades to wear longer.
  • Medium Lift Blades: Medium suction for lifting grass. Requires less HP than high lift.
  • High Lift Blades: Greatest suction for lifting grass before cutting. Can take higher HP in tall dense grass. Not recommended in sandy soils.
  • Mulching Blade: Perfect for leaf mulching.
  • LED Signal lights: LED lights are bright, long lasting, and resistant to vibration, unlike incandescent counterparts.
  • Optional Hydraulic Operated Transport Locks: Transports locks can be released easily from the tractor seat while operating the same tractor control lever that raises and lowers the mower decks. Eliminates pulling a rope to release transport locks.
  • Discharge Type: Rear
  • Cutting Width: 11 ft. - 1 in.
  • Overall Width: 11 ft.- 3 1/2 in.
  • Transport Height: 5 ft. - 11 1/2 in.
  • Transport Width: 7 ft.-8 in. At Maximum Cutting Height
  • Overall Length: 13 ft.- 3 in. Transport Position
  • Machine Weight: 2,040 lbs.
  • Tractor Horsepower: Minimum 30 HP and Maximum 65 HP
  • Hitch: Pull Type With Adjustable Clevis and Safety Tow Chain
  • Tongue Support: 2,200 lb. Capacity Screw Jack
  • Gearbox Support: 3/8 in. Steel Channel
  • Gearboxes: 540 RPM (1)-Splitter Gearbox and (3)-Wing Gearboxes
  • Gearbox Lubrication: Gear Lube 80-90W EP
  • Gearbox Oil Capacity: 3 - Wings: 3.5 pints; SD Splitter: 2.125 pints or OMNI Splitter: 2.5 pints
  • Main Driveline (1): Category lll Constant Velocity With Slip Clutch
  • Deck Drivelines (3): Category II
  • Cutting Height: 1 in. to 5 1/2 in. in 1/4 in. increments
  • Deck Size and Quantity: 3 each at 48 in.
  • Deck Overlap: 6 in.
  • Deck Thickness: 3/16 in.
  • Anti-Scalp Roller: Front Center and Rear Outside Deck Corners
  • Blade Drive Belt: (1) - B-Section
  • Drive Belt Tensioning: Spring Loaded Idler
  • Blade Bearings: Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Blades Size and Type, 3 Each Per Deck: 1/4 in. x 2 1/2 in. x 16 7/8 in. Medium Lift Standard; Optional Blades - Low Lift, High Lift & Mulching
  • Blade Overlap: 1 3/16 in.
  • Blade Spindle Speed: 3,628 RPM
  • Blade Tip Speed: 16,020 FPM
  • Deck Tires: 10 Each, Air 13 in. x 5 in., Sealant With Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Deck Wheel Spindles: 1 1/4 in. With Nylon Bushings
  • Transport Tires: 2 Each, 18 in. x 9.5 in., Sealant With Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Transport Locks: Automatic Transport Locks With Pull Rope Release
  • Wing Flex: 23 Degrees Left To Right; 22 Degrees Front To Back
  • Center Deck Flex: 13 Degrees Front To Back
  • Hydraulic Outlets: 1 Set Required
  • Deck Cylinders: Dual Acting
  • Gauge Wheel Arms: 1/4 in. Wall Square Tubing
  • Turning Radius: Zero Turning Radius
  • Mowing Capacity: @ 2 MPH = 2.68 Acres Per Hour; @ 4 MPH = 5.37 Acres Per Hour; @ 6 MPH = 8.10 Acres Per Hour
  • Signal lights 7 Pin connector: LED, SAE J560 pin configuration



Working Width
11 ft. 1 in.
11 ft. 3-1/2 in.
13 ft. 3 in.
2,040 lb.
Recommended HP
30-65 hp

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